JC Joins to Help Houston, Texas

In recent days, JC Gonzalez has raised his voice to contribute to the Houston, Texas community, announcing the following release through their social networks: “I wanted to share with you my music, and let you know that 100% of the…

Prominent television shows

Since his experience with Making Menudo, Gonzalez has had roles in prominent television shows such as Parenthood, Victorious, “Survival of the Hottest” and Parks and Recreation, Sister City, with the director Michael Schur.

RagDolls, web serie

RagDolls is a sensational Rom Com that tells a story in five episodes. Those of Laura and Olie, a couple of girls looking for triumph, love, and happiness in Los Angeles, California. JC interprets Mateo, the manager of a store…

Imprisoned Abroad

Imprisoned Abroad is a story recreated in Bangladesh where an inexperienced young American faces 30 years in prison for drug trafficking narcotics. JC, in this occasion, participates in the series as brother of Lia, the protagonist of this true story….

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